The Inspired Birth Connection was birthed from a place of passion, beauty, and love. And this foundation allows us to honor and celebrate a woman’s unique journey to meeting her little one(s) for the first time.

Women, regardless of age, race, and social status, should have the most empowered pregnancy and birth experience possible, but to achieve this, we most reveal the truth of what a mother-to-be rightfully deserves.

A mother DESERVES to know how to take fear out of birth and trust her body and instincts.

A mother DESERVES to understand and embrace the various possibilities that birth encompasses.

A mother DESERVES to be given the tools and resources that will help guide her and her partner before, during, and after birth.

A mother DESERVES to know her strength and to trust her ability to nurture and care for her baby with the gifts that already exists within her.

A mother DESERVES to have a birthing environment that is filled with love, support, and compassion regardless of the setting.

But most importantly, a mother DESERVES to be connected to passionate, driven, and determined birth professionals that educate and empower her to make decisions that are based on her wants and needs without force.

Believing in birth and believing in the strength of a woman is what this organization stands for. The journey to motherhood is one of the most beautiful and sacred experiences that a woman will ever have, and the Inspired Birth Connection is committed to providing resources and information that will treat this experience as such.  

Building Connections and Impacting Communities is how we create a setting that is INSPIRED by you. It is with great joy and dedication that we keep you connected through this CONNECTION.

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